Tried. Loved. Repeat.

A running list of the Paris spots that make me feel at home

In my first few months of living in Paris back in 2016 (how the times have changed), I'd feel a palpable surge of happiness whenever restaurant owners or shopkeepers showed some sign of reconizing me as a regular. A friendly 'Bonjour, vous allez bien?" was enough to make my day.

I knew that this feeling was crucial to establishing my sense of place, of home.

With the ultimate goal of being a regular in mind, I made it a habit of always returning to the same fruit and vegetable stand every Sunday, always ordering by number (three onions, four apples, six carrots, you get the idea) in my attempt to avoid metric system weights which still haven't made their way into my brain. I'd buy my rotisserie chicken from the same butcher every time, knowing all well that he'd jog up a conversation by asking "When are we escaping to California together?" as I laughed, muttered incomprehensibly and counted out my change. 

While the butcher and I never ended up eloping to California as he made clear was his wish, I am happy to report that things are going well with the fruit and vegetable dealer. Each Sunday when I make my weekly market run, I'm entitled to a free bunch of herbs of my choice (and sometimes even two!)

I've made it a habit of returning to each of the places on the list below. They're sprinkled throughout the idyllic Left Bank, which I'm lucky to call home.


O Coffee

La Rotonde (Montparnasse)



Happy Grill

Farmer's Market on Boulevard de Grenelle

Des gateaux et du pain